Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year's First LOL

My teenage son presented me with his plans to go to a friend's New Year's Day party. 

I countered with the obligatory mom questions ~ Who will be there? Any adult supervision? How long will you be gone? Are you really gonna wear that?

Instead of answering any of my questions, he simply said he could bring a date and smiled.

I was like, 'Really? I suppose you'll be inviting (insert name of girlfriend of the week here).'

He said, 'No. I want you to go with me.'

For a split second I was all 'awwww'. Then I laughed. Out loud. 

Now you're probably thinking that's weird as in the mother and son on Fear Factor weird. But dating my son didn't even occur to me until now. Eeeew.

I laughed because this is the same basic tact the boy has used on me since he was three. Back then, in all his cuteness, he stood before me with a treat in his hand. 'Mommy. Want this cookie?' To which I said, 'No thank you my sweetheart. I haven't had my lunch yet.' A pause, a glance at the cookie then at me. 'So. Can I have it?'

So. I was never really invited to the party. Just as I was never the intended recipient of the cookie. Dylan played me perfectly. Again. 

: )

P.S. He and girlfriend-first-week-of-January reported that the shindig was 'alright'.

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