Friday, March 9, 2012


I'm guessing when I announced I'd be doing Book Review Friday you guessed I'd be reviewing books you might actually want to read instead of tomes such as Outwitting Squirrels and this one...
Panorama de las Americas: An Elementary Spanish Reader
by Crow & Crow (1949)

Here's the thing. I still haven't been reading much. 

Instead, I've been spring cleaning and decided the look of my blog has got to go. Say adios to the orange swirls and hola to some sort of jumble of illustrations from places such as Panorama. (Let's all hope this idea turns out better than it sounds).

While flipping through this stinky old book, I noticed Vocabulary Review I has an interesting subtitle ~ 500 Commonest Words.
I googled 'commonest' and it is still considered a word. Just made me wonder if I learn Spanish from this book, will my español sound as redneck as their English?



Lori Lea said...

¿Qué pasará con el goldfish?

Corky Doolittle said...

You so put that through Google Translate : ) Me too.

Sí, voy a seguir los peces de colores.

Lori Lea said...

You're going to follow the colorful fish?

Corky Doolittle said...

Sure. Why not?

That's not what I said! I said, 'Yes, I will keep the goldfish.'

Corky Doolittle said...

Forget the internet. According to Panorama de las Americas: An Elementary Spanish Reader, 'seguir' translates into 'to follow, keep on'. So si, I will keep and follow the colorful fish.

Lori Lea said...

I used translator on - because my spanish is limited to the menu at Acapulco. I have to look at the pictures at Orange Taqueria to know what I'm ordering - and even then, I worry I may be getting mystery meat!

Corky Doolittle said...

Yum. Orange Taqueria.

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