Thursday, April 5, 2012


My skin tone changed.

There. I said it. (Which means it's no longer taboo so we can talk about it.) To even out my odd coloring, I bought some fantastic new make-up I saw on TV. The women who use it look like they are having a blast! I, however, am not yet feeling the fun.

It could be that I applied it wrong. Or it could be I need to:

a) go back to the store for a darker shade


b) enroll in mime college



Anonymous said...

I want a shade of makeup that does what it says, like, "Feel Like 60 Look Like 30", or..."Wanna Drop Kick the Teen / Shade 18".

I feel your pain, sister!

Corky Doolittle said...

Amen to that!

If this particular shade has a slogan, it's not saying. Probably because mimes don't speak.

Lori Lea said...

And that's why I so seldom wear make up - you have to put on so dang much of it to look "natural"

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