Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sharing the Road with Others

I really thought I could complete my 6-hour Defensive Driving course in one sitting but it's just too painful. (The curriculum not the sitting.)

Today's knowledge reaping involves 'Communication' and 'Sharing the Road with Others'. Get ready to learn something...

1) If you see a car with a crumpled fender, the driver is communicating that they are not cautious and said driver could even be considered reckless (not wreckless, obviously).

2) 'Using your horn can be beneficial or very irritating to other drivers.' These Defensive Driving people want me to tap my horn whenever I reach a sharp curve so other drivers will know I'm there. Got it. Later today I will try this out when I go around the Golf Street traffic circle.

3) 'Use hand gestures as a courtesy. Never use obscene hand gestures when driving.' All I have to say about this is, sometimes obscene hand gestures are a courtesy.

Honk, honk,

1 comment:

Lori Lea said...

I want to go to the traffic circle and video you going round and round, honking your horn

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