Friday, June 1, 2012

Thought Bubbles

I was driving along the extension, going up that hill just past the stadium, when I spotted Viv walking her chihuahua. 

As you'd expect, she was her spectacularly fit self. Tight white tank top. Short shorts. Hair (with blonde extensions) in an up-do. Dog at full length of retractable leash. Walking with her back a little too arched (Viv ~ not the dog), as is her habit, so her boobs look bigger and her butt looks perkier.

I honked. She waved.

Then, after I crested the hill, I saw a woman about the same distance from the top of the hill as Viv but coming from the other direction. She too was dressed in a tight white tank top and short shorts, only she weighed approximately the same as two Vivs and was breathing hard.

I came this close to stopping my car and backing up so I could witness when the two of them met up. I'm sure Viv said hello. But can you imagine their thought bubbles? 

hee hee,


Lori said...

I imagine the second woman's thought bubble to be much the same as mine!

Lola said...

I saw Viv out there too! I didn't see the other woman. Funny - we all had on white tank tops!

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