Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tigress Pose

I had my endometrial lining ablated.

Basically my doctor stuck a magic wand through my cervix and vaporized that tissue that thickens each month. Boom. Gone. In about 90 seconds. Using radio waves. So about half a Duran Duran song and Pow! No more periods!

The doctor was pleased to tell me she snapped before and after shots of my uterus. And that I'll get to see the photos of my new thinner uterus at my two week visit.


What I'd rather see is the photo of how my hips became so sore. I'm thinking it had to be from them positioning me something like this during my procedure.

Tigress from Kung Fu Panda
Now a picture like that, I would so plaster that all over Pinterest! Of course I would be wearing a hospital gown instead of the kung fu outfit. And a blue paper surgical hat. And I would be unconscious. But still. That would be cool.



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