Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vitamin D

I quit Dr Pepper again on Monday. Mostly. I'm down to one can a day which, for me, is the same thing as quitting.

Most of my carbs and sugars are coming from that one DP. And I'm not feeling right. I'm pretty sure I've been run over by a 4-wheeler and all I can think about is chocolate. Lucky for me I rediscovered my vitamin D soft chews. It feels good to satisfy two needs at once ~ my body's desire for vitamin D and my craving for chocolate.

Just one question. Is it possible to OD on Caltrate? Because I've almost eaten the whole package.

Soft and chewy,


Lola said...

Well, good thing you have strong bones - you'll need them to run to the bathroom for your gastrointestinal distress!

Lori Lea said...

You're one to talk Lola. Remember that time you ate a whole bag of sugar free candy? Remember that? Hmmmm?

Pam said...

I've given up Dr.Pepper again too. So far it's been a whole 26 hours since I've had one...I'm trying to wean myself down to sodas on weekends and football games only. Friday night football isn't the same without a Dr Pepper or an RC Cola.

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